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Vmake Doors is one of the trusted company for quality wooden doors and teak doors provider in Bangalore. We are supplying the best products to the customers since 2007.

bedroom Doors and Teak Doors are used in India for a long time. Wooden doors are often used in homes that have a lot of natural light. Teakwood is a durable material and is often preferred for its resistance to termites, fungi, insects and other pests.

Different types of doors are available here

  1. Teak Wood Doors
  2. Burma Teak Doors Manufacturers in Bangalore
  3. Recon Veneer
  4. Teak Veneer
  5. Laminated Line Art
  6. Laminate Royal
  7. Main Doors Manufacturers in Bangalore
  8. Bathroom Doors Manufacturers in Bangalore
  9. Bedroom Doors Manufacturers in Bangalore
  10. Interior Doors Manufacturers in Bangalore
  11. Embossed Doors
  12. Moulded Skin
  13. Primer Coated
  14. Door Frames

Wood is used for the doors is usually hardwood like teak, oak, and mahogany. These woods have a long lifespan and are resistant to termites. Wooden doors are also very aesthetically pleasing and come in different colors, shapes and sizes.

Teak is one of the most durable woods available in the market today. It has a natural resistance to termites and other pests which makes it an excellent choice for building door frames. Teak doors are also very aesthetically pleasing because of their warm color tone which can be customized with stains or paint finishes to suit any interior design style.

Wooden Doors and Teak Doors in Bangalore are the two most popular types of doors. Wooden doors are generally cheaper than teak doors, but they don’t last as long. The durability of teak wood is more and it is more expensive than wooden doors. So that is why preferred both the wooden Doors and teak doors by many homeowners.

Wooden Doors and Teak Doors in Bangalore have a lot of differences, but they also share some similarities. Both have their properties, so it is important to consider which one would be best for you before making your final decision.

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